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Forest tillage and fertilization equipment

code: ELF 20BR
Soil preparation equipment for reforestation. Post harvest strip cleaning,
subsoiling and tillage in a single operation.

It has:
-Front cutting disc with feller teeth (cuts crossed branches)
-Subsoiler spike and root cutting disc (with release system and automatic recovery)
-6 tillage discs (24") with independent release system and automatic recovery
-Fertilizer hopper with dispenser. Capacity for 1200Kg. it includes a big bag perforator
and an endless type dispenser, driven by an electric motor, controlled through the HMI interface.
The dispenser allows to apply up to 500kg/ha of fertilizer, with a forward speed of 10 km/h.
-Standard lump breaker roller or cave marker.

-Clearing width: 1.25m
-Working width: 1.00m
-Prong working depth: 0.40m (consult for others)
-Disc working depth: 0.25m (consult of others)
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