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V - Blade slash clearing machine

code: DCR2115

The DCR 2115 is a V-blade which was developed to cut and windrow forestry harvest slash for reforestation. It is fitted with a feller teeth cutting disk in the front  (which cuts the slash), and a “V” shaped blade which displaces the slash to both sides and thereby clears lanes for planting. The difference between the models DCR 2114 and DCR 2115 ist that the latter has a larger cutting disk, and is therefore more suitable for greater volumes of slash.

- Working width (clear lane): 2100mm
- Power requirement: 140HP or more
- Weight: 1900Kg
- Tractor mounted, three point hitch. Category III
- Driven by the tractors PTO, 540 RPM (preferably 1000 RPM)

The DCR V Blade can be used with our SRDM 18 soil preparation implement.

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