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Subsoiling, harrowing and fertilizing equipment

code: SRF_600

The SRF 500 is a tractor mounted, three point hitch equipment. It was developed for efficient forestry soil preparation and fertilization. The machine does the following works:

* Subsoiling, deep loosening the soil.
* Bedding or plowing (depending on the disc arrangement).
* Fertilizing.


  • Working depth: 450mm (ask for other working depths).
  • 36” tempered boron steel cutting disk
  • Heavy-duty, tempered steel shank with scape and auto reset system (to prevent damages when it gets stuck with stones or stumps in the soil).
  • 4 Disc gangs, each for 2 disks of between 22” and 26”
  • 700Lts fertilizer Hopper
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