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Multifunctional combination plow

code: SRDM19

The SRDM 19 is a combination plow, which combines subsoiling and plowing. All of its components are removable and adjustable, which means that the machine can be assembled in 8 different ways, depending on the needs of the customer.

The SRDM multifunction combination plow is suitable for:

* Subsoiling/ripping, deep loosening the soil.
* Forming ridges or harrowing soil for plantation (depending on the disc arrangement).
* Fertilizing.
* Any possible combinations of the functions above. The work your equipment will do depends on the way you arrange its components.

The SRDM can also be combined with de JHartwich harvest slash clearing machine (DCR), in order to do both, clearing and tilling in just one pass.

The SRDM 19 is fitted with:
- Heavy-duty, tempered steel shank with scape and auto reset system (to prevent damages when it gets stuck with stones or stumps in the soil). Cutting depth: 450mm
- Hydraulic accumulator
- Disc gangs for up to 3 disk blades
- Supports up to 3 disk blades per gang, from 28” to 32”
- Rear roller
- 700Lts fertilizer hopper

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