About us

Julio Hartwich, more than a metallurgical industry, added value to your production.

JHartwich is a metallurgical industry, located in the city of Young, Río Negro, Uruguay that manufactures agricultural and forestry machinery.

JHartwich is a metallurgical company located in the city of Young, the heart of the department of Río Negro, dedicated to the design and manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery with more than 50 years of experience in the market.

With a complete team of engineers, designers and technicians, it is strongly committed to the development and continuous improvement of innovative and competitive solutions for its clients.
Its strategic location, in the heart of the country's agricultural activity, allows it to be close to the producers and offer products adapted to their realities as well as an excellent after-sales service for them. Nowadays JHartwich sells machinery all over the country, through dealers.

JHartwich machinery can also be found in many countries around the world. To date, JHartwich has exported machinery to 17 countries, including Brasil, Argentina, Southafrica and Oceania.

Vision and Mision


Design and manufacture implements that serve agricultural and forestry production with an emphasis on technological innovation and productive efficiency. Transform technical knowledge and experience generated over the years into high-quality products that provide added value to our customers.


Contribute to the development of the agricultural and forestry sector, proposing innovative, competitive and sustainable solutions, supporting producers in the incorporation of new technologies. To be a company recognized locally and internationally for high quality products, which with state-of-the-art engineering and technology respond to the requirements of the sector.

Our Values

PEOPLE: We ensure development opportunities based on merit and professional contribution.

TEAM WORK: We promote the participation of everyone to achieve a common goal, sharing information and knowledge.

ETHICAL BEHAVIOUR: We act with professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect for people. We are a company that fulfills its responsibilities with its employees, as well as with the community and with the State.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATED: We focus our efforts on customer satisfaction, competitive, reliable and quality solutions.

INNOVATION: We promote continuous improvement and innovation to achieve the highest quality, always seeking to maximize the profitability of our customers.

COMMUNITY AND ENVIRONMENT We are socially and culturally committed to the community. We adapt our business strategies to the preservation of the environment.



Currently, Julio Hartwich's team is made up of 50 people. It is based on commitment, seriousness and dedication in personal and professional treatment, characteristics, which together with its technical profile, are one of the main keys to the success of the company and the quality levels of its products.

The company has a highly trained technical department that includes engineers, technicians and designers who constantly work on the development of innovative solutions and on the improvement of existing products.

In addition, Julio Hartwich has a very well-equipped industrial plant where the entire production line is carried out, from the welding of parts, through shot blasting and painting, to the final assembly of the machines.

In addition, Julio Hartwich has a very well-equipped industrial plant where the entire production line is carried out, from the welding of parts, through shot blasting and painting, to the final assembly of the machines. There is constant communication between the plant staff and the technical department, in order to solve possible problems together and give feedback to the designers. This evidences the spirit of cooperation and teamwork that characterizes JHartwich and that guarantees high quality products and continuous improvement.



The city of Young is located in the center of the department of Río Negro, in a region with important agricultural, livestock, dairy, forestry and citrus farms. Thanks to its strategic location, several companies related to agriculture were developed and installed in this area, including Claldy (milk processing plant), Copagran, ADP, Cargill (grain storage and distribution), Solaris (agrochemicals), San Miguel ( multinational citrus), Forestal Oriental and Eufores (forestry), among others.