The Company’s origin dates to february 1964, when Julio Hartwich started manufacturing farm implements in a small workshop, in the city of Young. In the beginning he focused mainly on the production of agricultural trailer, harvest hoppers and grain conveyers, using his own self-made tools and required equipment (lathe, saw, weldingmachines, etc).


When the production grows, an 1800m2 property with a 400m2 building is acquired as new central house and production plant.


An adjacent plot is added to the previous, completing an area of 3200m2 and 1200m2 of building area.


A nearby building is acquired and used as second workshop.


A plot next to the city access road is bought as machinery exhibition place.


A 12000m3 plot in the outskirts of Young is acquired, which will later become the new central house and manufacturing plant.


A great financial crisis hits the region, heavily affecting the agricultural sector and consequently JHartwich. It will take the company many years to recover and even more to restart a growing period.


First machinery exportation; with destination Argentina.


Construction of the new facilities begins on the property in the outskirts of the city.


First exportation of forestry machinery to Mozambique, Africa.


The main building of the new production plant is finished, the need of a further building is visualized. Construction of an additional storage building is started.


The construction of the new plant is concluded and the production transferred to the new facilities. A period of special focus on design and development of innovative and competitive products starts.


In February of 2014, after half a century of intense work, growth, adaption and overcoming, Jhartwich turns 50 years.


JHartwich is awarded with the “Innovation Price” at ExpoActiva (greatest national agricultural machinery fair), for its tree planting machine.


JHartwich takes part of ExpoForest Brazil (largest international forestry fair) for the first time, exhibiting some of its most outstanding forestry machines: tree planting machine, multifunctional subsoiler combination plow, v-blades, ant killer applicator and forestry irrigation machine.

In the present, apart from the agricultural market, production is strongly oriented towards the forestry sector. Thanks to its vast experience in the field, Julio Hartwich has established itself as a leading brand in silvicultural machinery. This not only in the locally but also in the region and beyond, registering exports to 17 countries in Latin America, Africa and Oceania.