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Fruit tree sprayer

code: FAF_2020

The fruit tree sprayer is an implement to be pulled with a tractor. The tractor circulates between the rows  while the machine sprays the rows of trees to its left and right.

The FAF2020 is equipped with a 2000 liter tank, filters, pump, controls and specific nozzles for the application. It has inverted U shape booms on each side of the tank, in which the nozzles are located. The booms can be adjusted in height and width, to adapt them to the rows of trees to be fumigated and have a sensor system that detects the trees and sprays only when the boom passes over one. In this way a very efficient use of the product and a localized and controlled application is achieved. To transport the equipment, the poles are hydraulically folded back.

- System driven by PTO pump.
- It has a pressure regulator, filters, commands and nozzles.
- Number of nozzles per boom  (maximum 12) and separation between them is adjustable, to adapt them to the growth of the tree.
- Electronic controller that allows to regulate the time of application of the nozzles.
- Command that allows the operator to select manual application (continuous) or automatic application (sensors).

- Adjustable boom width and height for trees from 0.8m to 3.0m in height and from 0.5 to 3.0m in width.


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