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Self-loading bin trailer - 4 bins

code: CTB_5X500

Self-loading and self-unloading fruit bin transporter trolley, using a chain hauling system, powered by a hydraulic motor.
one of its greatest advantages is its efficiency: it allows the same work to be done with fewer carts and tractor than
the coventional system. The bins are distribuided at harvest location and while they are loaded, the same truck can 
continue distribuiting bins in the field or hauling full bins.

-Available models: for 4 bins or 5 bins
-system of hauling with chains by hydraulic motor
-Activation of the liftin axis by means of a hydraulic cylinder (allows the cart to be lowered to the ground at the rear, with a
very low slope, which minimizes damage to the bins)
-Activation of the draft by hydraulic cylinder (allows to modify the inclination of the equipment and
to be able to manuever on more uneven terrain)

CTB 4X500
* Bin: 4
* Maximum load capacity: 2000kg
* Total Length: 6.5m
* Overall Width: 2.2m
* Useful Length: 5.3m
* Wheeled (high flotation): 12.5 L15

CTB 5X500
* Bin: 5
* Maximum load capacity: 2500kg
* Total Length: 8m
* Overall Width: 2.15
* Useful Length: 6.6
* Wheeled (high flotation) 12.5 L15
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