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Autonomous Extractor with Engine

code: EHM_370
An autonomous extractor with an engine from Tecsar that does not need a tractor. Can be moved to the field with a vehicle.

• fully hydraulic
• totally autonomous
• significantly reduces transfer times
• the “end of the bag” is minimal thanks to the innovative sweeper system
• easy to transport, without disassembling
• comes in 72 HP diesel engines, John Deere engine is optional
• its actual working capacity is 12-15 min per truck
• hydraulic with a vane pump in tandem 120 + 40
• high rigidity chassis
• can be adapted to Tecsar's dynamic weighing scale
• it's low maintenance and very economical machine
• discharge tube 370 mm and 4 mm thick in a single section, avoiding grain breakage
• has a unique patented Tecsar plastic winding system
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