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Hartwich Chisel - 4,5m

code: CH_1821
The CH line chisels have frontal cutting discs, chisel spikes, combs and lump-breaking rollers. They stand out for their excellent versatility. Among its possibilities they cover the entire range of works, from shallow tillage from across the enire width to deep and finished earthwork. it differs from conventional chisel becuase it has front cutting discs that allow it to work in field with a lot of stubble, as well the short distance between
spikes (only 25 cm), which allow equal tillage across the entire width of the machine.


*Working width 4.5
*N° of spikes: 18

*Cutting discs of 18¨: They allow working in fields with a high volume of stubble, since they cut the roots and grasses on the surface of the ground.
They have individual springs that guarantee precise work and act as an individual release ( even if one or more discs get stuck, the rest continue to work
normally; due to the pressure of the springs, the stuck discs return to their original position once the obstacle has been overcome). The blades have their own
hydraulic system that allows their working depth to be regulated independently of the general regulation or to dispense with them, when not required,
by lifting them completely.

*Spikes: with a separation of 25cm and a maximum working depth of 25cm. in adition, at JHartwich we offer a variety of bars: one for each task.
The ´´goose foot´´ bars developed by JH stand out. These are characterized by a simple ingenious shape that gurantees high quality tillage,
long service life and low production cost. in other words , it is a grid with excellent value for money.

*Depth adjustment: CH chisels have a depth adjustment system with stop. The maximum depth of spikes is 25cm.
The cutting discs have their own regulation system, in addition to the general depth regulation.

  CH16 CH20 CH24 CH30 CH36 CH44 CH52
Overall Width
4,0 5,0 6,0 7,5 9,0 11,0 13,0
n° bars 16 20 24 30 36 44 52
Pot. required (Hp) 160 200 240 300 360 440 520
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