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Bale Cart with Pull Uncoiler

code: CFDT_1000
CFDT Bale cart with Pull Uncoiler

Truck pull cart, transporter and uncoiler of round bales, self-loading.
This trolley allows you to load, move and unroll round bales , without
the need for a tractor or other implements. One person alone can do
all the work.

*Suitable for round bales
*Load capacity: 1000Kg
*Wheeled 225/70R 15
*Manual operation, with winch

It fulfills the functions of:
* Remove the bale from the row
* Load bale on the cart. For this, it has spikes that are stuck laterally 
in the center of the bale and a winch the bale is brought to the transfer position.
* Unroll the bale. The same spikes stuck in the center of the bales
serve as the axis of rotation.
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