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Self loading bale trailer

code: TDR_5800


Self loading and - unloading round bale trailer. With this trailer you need only one driver and one tractor to do the whole work.

* Round bale capacity: 5 bales of up to 1000Kg or 6 bales of up to 800Kg
* Great bale collection speed
* Hydraulically driven loading and unloading system
* High flotation tires, size 400/60 15.5, make it possible to work even on muddy grounds.
* Adjustable position draft, manually or optional by hydraulic cylinder. It allows the adaptation of the position of the equipment behind the tractor according to the particular requirements of the different activities (setting the transfer position, crossing narrow places, improving visibility when loading and unloading the bales).
* arm drive by hydraulic cylinder
* activation of the draw lift by means of a hydraulic cylinder (for the unloading of the bales)
* Hydraulic activation of the arm lifts the bale and the draft by means of a solenoid valve.
* drive screen and chains by hydraulic motor

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